Photo Credit: Sarah Paulson/Instagram

The third season of American Crime Story is beginning filming and this one is set around the Clinton impeachment trial. And out on set Sarah Paulson was spotted playing Linda Tripp. Yes, you read that correctly. And no she didn’t gain 100+ pounds for the role. She was dressed up in a fat suit. It’s actually a cute and funny idea until you think about all the people that could have had that job.

Now some will look at Paulson in the fat suit and simply see Ryan Murphy showcasing the versatility of the stars he hires as Paulson has dressed up as a number of characters. The fat suit though is different. Now about 3 quarters of America is overweight so the insistance of having people like Paulson play a role like this is rather absurd and it also states that there should be plenty of people willing to play her. And can we add the irony of her Twitter bio being just “Always hungry”?

And you can believe social media had plenty to say about it. Journalist Kristin Chirico said “This could have been a fat actor. This could have been their big breakout role. This could have been their Golden Globe or their Emmy nod. This could have been their paid off student loans or their first house. Instead it’s Sarah Paulson in a fat suit.”