Photo Credit: Young E Class/Instagram

Young E Class is a rapper from DC whose song Diamonds Dancin’ is our latest Song of the Day pick. To understand his music is to understand his story. In a recent interview he said he doesn’t harmonize, sing, etc on his records but that he straight raps. And he does it well. That explains why Vlad, Hype Magazine, DJ Smallz Eyes, etc. have shown interest in him. Diamonds Dancin’ represents the lighter side of his music, celebrating the good life. And this is a big deal given that this comes from someone who not too far back was released from serving 13 years in prison when he was originally sentenced to 40 years at 15. So he definitely deserves celebrating.

He takes his craft seriously. He said in a recent interview “When you start maturing in your art You start caring about the impression you leave on people. He recently did an HBCU tour visiting Coppin State University, Norfolk State University, FAMU, etc. And he said he came to every show with 1,000 1s so we’re sure the audience enjoyed that. He also says he’s ‘living proof you can do whatever you want no matter what you’re told.” He said he likes to instill hope in the hopeless.

And for a bonus track, check out the video to his track Pay Off