Photo Credit: JaQuan Odom/Instagram

Love or Fairytales is today’s PopGlitz Song of the Day by R&B singer Jaquan Odom. As a definition of a serenading ballot, he sings to his love interest about wanting to be a provider if she just let him. With a voice that very much sounds like R&B singer Tank, who happens to be one of his influences, he has the vocal ability to live up to the comparison. Odom’s opened up for Meek Mill and Travis Porter and while he’s only recorded professionally for 3 years, he’s done his share of covers online that show off his vocal chops. His duet with TSoul of Fantasia’s Lose to Win and JoJo’s All My Life, which the latter certainly isn’t for the faint of heart to try was executed perfectly. He grew up in church which he shows on his cover of LeAndria Johnson’s No Weapon he performed alongside TSoul and Tiffany Andrews for Barefoot White Carpet Sessions. And if you like his work, he has an EP coming out in 2 months.

Listen to JaQuan Odom’s song Love or Fairytales for today’s PopGlitz Song of the Day below:

As a bonus, here’s him performing a cover of LeAndria Johnson’s No Weapon alongside TSoul and Tiffany Andrews: