Photo Credit: Madebyglyde

If you’ve spent any time on TikTok or IG lately, you’ve likely heard videos to the audio of someone singing “These BBL’s killin’ yall… and the thighs don’t match.” If you have, then just know that was IndesKribeaBULL’s pristine vocals on the track. The Atlanta actress, singer and songwriter whose real name, Jerrilyn Lake’s  DJ Suede the Remix God’s track mocks the BBL trend which appears to becoming more affordable by the day and more widespread, pun intended that even the Kardashians have decided to slim down likely to not be associated with the masses that are now getting them. Well that and they seem to be over their black male phase. But that’s another story.

And on a more literal sense, BBL’s are the most dangerous cosmetic surgery one can have which adds another meaning to the line “these bbl’s killin’ y’all.” But most importantly, her vocals and runs are something that we don’t traditionally hear in mainstream music these days and could certainly stand hearing more of.

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