Photo Credit: Soulja Boy/Instagram
Soulja Boy is proving his incredibly business savvy is still there. Remember that interview he has last year where DJ Akademiks asked him why he had so many businesses and he basically asked how is that a bad thing? He has a point. He’s trying to be successful and diversify his portfolio so that he doesn’t end up another washed up rapper who went broke. That should be a commended, not looked at as though he has 5 heads. With that being said, he has a perfectly timed investment he’s currently cashing in on and that is money he put into the Soap Shop, a southern soap brand that also does fundraisers for community groups so they’re a benefit to the community at large as well.

This investment was made last year because as Soulja Boy said, everyone needs soap. We agree and some more than others, but that’s a different story. The investment was between him and his manager CEO Miami Mike who both went in together on a Mississippi location of the store. TMZ’ sources say sales at TSS as a company have gone from hundreds of bottles a month to over 3,000 cleaning products in the last 2 months. That’s pretty good.

In other Soulja Boy news, he took a break from Soulja Boy and a bit of a break from the spotlight. His manager did an interview with HipHopDX talking about how important it was for him to take a little breather saying, “He hasn’t had a break since he was 12 or 13. And he just turned … his birthday just came … and he hasn’t had a break in over 15 years. So that’s why I wasn’t sweating him. He’s been turning down shows these past couple months, and I said I’m going to let him take his break because he really needed it. People want to know why he isn’t on Instagram? Well, I say because he’s on a break. He needed it.”

We’re happy to see him doing well and he needs to pass some of this investment knowledge down to the rest of his industry friends so the can similarly make some good financial decisions like he’s been doing. Megan Thee Stallion could probably benefit from a conversation with him on making sure that no matter what happens her pockets are still working for her outside of the music business.