Photo Credit: Steve Martin/Twitter

Steve Martin needed to go blow some steam with the coronavirus lockdowns going on today and decided to go out in the middle of the woods to play the banjo. Some people might be at home drinking or as Dr. Oz suggested, having sex with their spouses which is better than getting on their nerves but Martin decided to go out into nature, far away from all the people not listening about staying inside that could kill him.

Though it was only a little over a minute long, the video drew praise from celebs like Kim Cattrall, Mia Farrow, Jenna Fischer and Patton Oswalt. One Twitter user referred to him as a national treasure with another asking how was it that Steve Martin without a word and in sweatpants made them feel better than 25 celebs in makeup singing? That’s because he’s Steve Martin. A lot of us grew up watching him. He’s a great guy, funny and unbeknownst to me, apparently is a good musician as well.

I would consider a trip outside in the woods as well to get away from this 24/7 coronavirus coverage to the dog park outside of my place but then I just saw that cases of human to animal coronavirus transmition have begun in Hong Kong so no animals for me. In the meantime, this video is a reminder that Steve Martin is a national treasurer and needs to be protected about as much as Betty White.