Photo Credit: Summer Walker/Instagram

It seems we spoke up Future’s baby mother Eliza Reign and her epic child support request after mentioning Dr. Dre’s wife’s insane $2 million a month spousal support request. Well Summer Walker felt like hopping on the gram and throwing a dig at Reign by saying how ridiculous she felt her child support request was. The only problem is that her man, producer London on da Track isn’t exactly known for being the best dad himself and all of his baby mothers felt like piling on to remind her that that’s not the topic she probably wants to opine on.

“SHE WANTS 53 THOUSAND A MONTH. WOMEN LIKE THIS ARE SO DISGUSTING AND SAD. I FEEL SO BAD FOR THIS MAN. WHERE DO Y’ALL EVEN FIND THESE TYPE OF WOMEN?” Walker wrote about Future’s baby mother Reign before getting hit with a barrage of messages from Reign to include clowning her about the time she said she didn’t like showers. In the realm of women reading each other, that’s forever going to be a valid read against Walker. Who says that out of their own mouth about themselves anyway? Smh

Reign’s clapback:

Then to make matters worse, one of Walker’s boyfriend London On Da Track’s baby mothers, Eboni Ivori tapped in basically saying she just wanted to get her one hit in on her. Ouch. Sounds personal.

Then there’s  Erica Racine who came in to say something about his track record of taking care of children. She also said she didn’t want to hear Walker’s mouth unless it was to sing or something about cleaning a toilet. And that was probably in reference to the time earlier this year when Walker posted a pic of her eating in the bathroom. But it wasn’t like walking around with food in your mouth or something you happened to have had in your hand, she brings entire plates of food with forks on plates in the bathroom. Granted in a large enough bathroom where it’s a substantial room in the house… maybe, but err um, no. She said she does it after she’s done cleaning. Whatever, weirdo.

And what is the object lesson out of all of this? Keep your mouth closed on things that don’t concern you. Summer Walker didn’t have to open her mouth about any of this. She said that everyone else can speak on things but her. Well, these are your industry peers. What do you get out of picking fights with these people? What does this have to do with you? Now you’ve got one of these women saying they want to beat you up the next time you set foot in her city. You’re a singer who tours. Go focus on your career and leave the internet thugging alone. She responded saying she had the same freedom of speech as everyone else. While true, true, unless you’re trying to audition for reality tv, we’re not sure what your angle is here. As the biggest name out of these women, what do you get out of punching down again, unprovoked? Nothing.