Photo Credit: Sza/Instagram

R&B singer Sza opened up about her battle with ADHD this week saying that no one has sympathy for her struggle adding that on top of her issues with focusing, she can’t take medication for it. The medication she says causes her to overly focus and lose emotion in her work.

“Having un medicated adult adhd is REALLY fucking hard and absolutely nobody has empathy for it cause we all grown and busy but GADDAMN . I be ready to tap OUT.” she tweeted. She expressed similar last summer also writing “Adhd sucks ass . All I gotta say bout dat.” And last Christmas she called it “terrifying.”

The fact that she’s described what she’s going through as terrifying and people around her still haven’t shown concern is alarming. While writing this, I just got word of an in-law committing suicide. I’ve always talked about paying attention to red flags and tell-tale signs to make sure people are okay.

Sza herself also said she lost 3 friends to suicide and an overdose during the pandemic which lead her to writing her track Good Days to keep her from facing similar fate. One of the key tenets to working with artists or just managing people in general is to understand what makes them tick and to be able to accomodate them differently. So if someone has issues focusing or has a learning disability, they can’t be handled the same as others on your team. I mean, if she quits the industry or takes herself out, what are you going to do? You’ll probably wish you’ve done just what I said.