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Tekashi 69 might be behind bars and possibly there til he’s 69 years old (ironic right?) but it hasn’t stopped him from putting out new music. French rapper Lacrim is getting the Tekashi treatment with him appearing on the track Bloody, also ironic given that his baby mother Sara Molina this week claimed he used to beat her often, in front of their child and even forced her to have sex.

As for the track with Lacrim, other artists appearing on the song are Rick Ross, Snoop Dogg and French Montana. And if you’re wondering who Lacrim is, he’s on Def Jam France and has been on a number of his French peers’ tracks and apparently now making his rouns in the upper echelons of hip hop with star studded tracks like this. Whether it lives up to the name of all the A listers on the track is yet to be seen.

Quotable lyrics from the song are:

Watch me do my money dance, money dance
Get the money, do the running man, running man
Tell a fuck n***a, “Sink or swim, sink or swim”
Fuck n***a, we gon’ spin your bid, and spin again

Listen to ‘Bloody’ below, featuring Tekashi 69: