Photo Credit: ABC

In 2008 Mariah Carey debuted the release of her 11th studio album E=MC2, the follow up to hit majorly successful comeback album, The Emancipation of Mimi. The Empire State Building was being lit up in her album colors, she had a fragrance coming out and 2 films on the way. Everything seemed to be going her way until seconds into her Good Morning America performance began and her backing track she was lip syncing to started playing out of sync. She caught up with it and mid-performance before the track tried to go into the next verse without her leading her to sing “Stop singin’ my part now, baby.” In the end she walked it off clearly smiling while angry saying “A little creative. We try to bring something new to the moment every time.”

The performance even made a Complex Magazine list of 11 “Times it Was Painfully Obvious That Famous Singers Were Lip-Syncing” in 2013. All in all, Mariah Carey has done worse. At least it didn’t result in her publicist snatching her mic from her hand like back in the Glitter days. And even then that album topped the iTunes charts 20 years later thanks to her fans so even her biggest perceived failure worked out in the end. We still love Mariah.