Photo Credit: TS Madison/Instagram

It’s now been a couple years since TS Madison has been on her own after ending The Queens Court with rapper Khia Shamone and has just taken a major step in mending one of the bridges burned in that time period. And one of those bridges would be with Real Housewives of Atlanta star and R&B singer Kandi Burruss. The problem, she says, began before The Queens Court, but it was just exacerbated on the show. She discussed how she fixed the relationship in an interview with The Jasmine Brand.

“I know that I have impacted people over the years because I’ve been on the internet since about 2006. We’re in 2020, so that’s 14 years on the internet. I had to make sure that my voice is heard and people that think like me or people that can’t speak and can’t get their point across, they come to me and we have conversations and I try to blast it out there in the world. I’m always coming up with something new, I don’t wanna be labeled a one-trick pony. I don’t wanna be the one that’s just there and that’s all that I can do and that’s all I know how to do.”

She continued,

“It’s the internet and you have to make yourself, especially as a trans woman, the star that you wanna be. This is why I respect theJasmineBrand…because you guys post me, you post about me, you post things about me, you post upcoming stuff that I have, you post about stories that might have came from me. I respect that because often times other places won’t post unless it’s something negative or something bad. Sometimes I see them post this other stuff around and its just like ‘Well d*mn I broke that story’ or ‘I got it first’ or ‘I’m talking about it and you not tryna amplify me’ or ‘we not gon’ amplify her.’ I don’t feel that way with theJasmineBrand.

TS Madison also addressed recently squashing her feud with reality star and Kandi Burruss.

“I had met Kandi on Kandi Koated Nights and she had a special on trans entrepreneurs, and love and around trans issues. I liked Kandi back then. What happened was, I felt a little shaded when I left there. Then when I got with my former co-host [Khia, for the Queens Court]. Kandi was the butt of a lot of our little jokes. I possibly fed into the madness because I had a feeling in my heart about something that happened then instead of just hitting Kandi and messaging her and communicating with her and being like ‘well hey b***h, you know girl this how I felt girl.’”

She spoke on ending the feud on Claudia Jordan’s late-night show.

“I’m glad I had the opportunity to be on Claudia’s show and squash that in the public because I’m a business person, and I might wanna do business with Kandi one day and I don’t need to be walking around or her walking around with some stifled feeling towards me or me towards her.”

She added,

“Like ‘hey girl, hey sister, I’m your sister and we sisters we fam, wassup’. We might wanna make some money one day. I was on the ‘Kandi Koated Nights’ show in 2011 that was like 9, 10 years ago. And then being with my former cohost and myself on The Queens Court, that kind of built into it. I feel freed from all of that stuff, so I’m good with that.”

When asked about being a trans activist and a recent incident where a young trans woman was assaulted in a gas station, which reality star and model Eva Marcille posted on Instagram, TS Madison shared her thoughts on the violence against trans women.

“I was very upset and this is the stuff that I’m always on my platform fussing and arguing and trying to educate people [about]. We need some type of change in our community because at the end of the day, we’re black and we don’t need to be doing this to each other. I was very angry about it. To be honest with you, Imma keep it all the way 2,000. I posted about it and there was little posts about it on other places, but when I posted about it and I sent to my other friends, this is how the traction picked up. I planted and watered that seed to get out there and I started seeing hundreds of thousands of views, a million views. It got a lot of traction and I was glad to be part of it. I ain’t look for nothing from nobody except to understand that we’re trans people and this type of stuff is happening to us. This is what’s going on. It was just for me and us to say ‘Hey we’re in this fight with you guys and we would like for you not to be stepping on us and killing us so we can be out there fighting the real enemy, which is white supremacy.’”