Alabama Crimson Tide quarterback Tua Tagovailoa just dislocated and fractured his right hip Saturday when two Mississippi State defenders landed on top of him. He was left bloody and in pain on the field with his entire future up in the air but it didn’t keep him in bad spirits. He was ended up being on camera singing Marvin Gaye playing the ukelele. And he didn’t sound too bad either. For a top 10 Heisman trophy candidate, this has to be a crushing blow to his ego but those who are able to equally celebrate in the good and bad times as he is are some of the best people. We’re keeping our fingers crossed praying for him. Anyone with that type of disposition deserves to be back at 100 and quickly at that.

Tagovailoa is expected to have surgery today and there’s a good chance he’ll be out the remainder of the season. At least his team was able to pull through without him. They still won 38-7 with backup quarterback Mac Jones at the helm. ESPN analyst Rex Ryan also has good spirits because he says this might work to his benefit. “This actually may end up working in this young man’s favor,” Ryan said. “Maybe a really good football team that had no business being able to pick up a top-five player in the Draft can benefit. Just throwing it out there — maybe if New England picks him up because Brady can’t play forever … somebody like that … Philip Rivers … some team that had no business being able to get this guy might be getting him.” Cheers to him getting better and hopefully all of that singing he does won’t be in vain.