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Tyler Perry went on Instagram today sharing a table full of television show scripts all for 2019 and revealed that he wrote them all. He said he has no writer’s room and doesn’t rely on the 10-12 writers that other shows tend to have. He went on to say that he made the post to prove a point, that it was about work ethic. Now this is very commendable and God knows that this man’s work ethic has created many opportunities within the industry with people like Tiffany Haddish dedicating their careers to him. But there’s one glaring problem here. Perry’s biggest criticism is that he comes across as one dimensional and predictable.

I’ve never looked at Tyler Perry’s credits to see how many writers he has but always assumed he had at least one other. In passing when discussing criticism he receives, I’ve always said that he needs to diversify his writers and collaborate with some other people. And here it is, to my surprise, although I’m not really surprised, he’s writing all of his work. Well that’s the problem. And it isn’t to say he doesn’t have the money. Not long ago his house was the most expensive home listing in Atlanta for $25 million. It sold for $17.5 million. At this point he is 50 years old and a leopard doesn’t change their spots, especially at that age. But for the sake of his craft and evolving, I do hope he invests in other writers. It is the absolute only thing that’s hindering his work.

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WORK ETHIC!! Come on. Let’s go get 2020!!!

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