Deon Long’s probably one of the cutest football players out and one in particular who’s liked by the gay community for having pics of teasing showing his cakes. That’s why it was no surprise to hear he had videos out spreading his cheeks and smacking his own a**. PS: The tattoos match up in the video so it’s definitely him. He also got thrown off the Los Angeles Rams team in the NFL sneaking a girl in the dorm in the past and that is exactly the type of reckless person that would get caught up in some video scandal… being careless. Oh, and did we mention that in October he was named a suspect in an armed robbery? He reportedly held a gun to a man’s head during a Craigslist transaction. Man, that come down from fame must be tough for him. He’s always got potential to be an Instagram model, especially if he keeps taking the pics he does. He’s got the gay fan base 😉

And when you’re finished, check out the last time he had his nudes leak: