Photo Credit: Chrissy Teigen/Instagram: background and foreground

While the country was celebrating the inauguration of a new president, Michelle Obama’s hair or rethinking a second insurrection after seeing the amount of police at the US Capitol, etc., Chrissy Teigen had a bit of a different experience. She apparently went home minus a tooth. But don’t fret, this didn’t come from an encounter with Fabolous. It apparently came from her eating candy. “I just lost my tooth in a Fruit Roll-Up,” she told her fans on Twitter.

Now upon first hearing this, I said, if she’s losing teeth at 35 from gummy candy, that sounds worse than COVID and the devil must be working overtime in 2021. When one of her followers asked her how the hell that happened, she replied saying it was just a tooth cap and “loved him like he was a real tooth.”

Teigen’s husband John Legend performed a cover of Feeling Good at the Lincoln Memorial for the event and although she had a bit of a dental setback, she became the first celebrity the newly inaugurated President Biden followed on Twitter, so that kind of makes up for it if you ask us.