Photo Credit: BET

Lizzo was one of the most notable performances at the 2019 BET Awards leading many who hadn’t already known who she is to ask who this woman is and where has she been all of our lives. Her single Truth Hurts that she performed has been one of the most highest selling/streamed tracks for months raking in around $100,000 every week, outperforming her hit Juice she performed at the MTV Awards, Cardi B’s Press, Post Malone‘s Wow, Lewis Capaldi’s Someone You Loved and Shawn Mendes’ If I Can’t Have You. During rehearsal she said Rihanna being in the front row had her nervous. She admitted it was in fact intimidating. In the end, she received a standing ovation from the Barbadian singer who danced to her performance in the audience.

As for the performance itself, Lizzo chose to use Janelle Monae’s choreographer. She talked about the struggles of the bouquet she threw in the audience being heavy, being afraid because the cake was slippery, but end in the end, she expressed a level of confidence almost unmatched in our generation of performers. She said beforehand that she was excited to have her iconic moment which already goes to show she lacks no confidence whatsoever to have already dubbed her performance as iconic… which it was. She also says she hopes that little girls that look like her can see themselves and see what’s possible. She wanted the people in the crowd to “feel the love, feel the self love, and feel the positive vibes.” And the picture of all the women marrying themselves on stage is what she called “true love,” and that “that’s the energy all 2019.”

Watch the behind the scenes in the make of Lizzo’s 2019 BET Awards performance below: