Wendy Williams might have seemingly let her husband Kevin Hunter step over her for some time for the sake of keeping her family together, but she’s coming back with a vengeance now. To start, after serving him with divorce papers disguised as a present last Thursday, and firing him from her show this week, he’s been given 48 hours to remove his belongings from their home yesterday. But even she isn’t interested in staying there as she was seen out apartment hunting yesterday as well. Then there’s the mistress. Sources say pics of the two published online of them living it up together on vacation was the last straw. She’s also said that lying in bed with the television off in a pitch black sober house will make you re-evaluate your life.

Photos of a $215,000 Ferrari he bought his mistress circulated online and Wendy had the car repossessed within a week. Now that’s what you call instant karma. Kevin was seen bringing grocery into him and his mistress’ secret home they have together. I guess he’s got to stock up since he’s going to be over there a lot soon. And in case Wendy has any trouble with getting any other assets back or even getting him out of her house, Christie Brinkley, who appeared on her show today said she had a list of lawyers she could share with her.

“So you’ve, been married four times, and divorced four times?” Wendy asked, to which Christie confirmed, before she offered to help the host with her ongoing divorce. “Listen, if you need any help with lawyers, I can tell you, I have been through the entire phone book of lawyers!”, the model said. And, Wendy didn’t decline.

“Oh! I will whisper to you during the break. I have one, but I want to hear what you have to say,” Wendy replied with a smile. “Let me help you,” Christie urged once again. Wendy went on to ask Christie if she would ever want to get married again, which would mark the model’s fifth time tying the knot. But, she said, “No!”, although Christie would “love to fall in love again.”

Aside from taking control of her life, one good thing to come out of all this is that she’s made up with her former sidekick Charlamagne tha God who both were inseparable over a decade ago both building their careers together. This all ended when Kevin met his current mistress. She’s from Charlamagne’s hometown in South Carolina and was introduced by Charlamagne as a friend of the three. Kevin started seeing her on the side and violated his wife by bringing her on a vacation with his wife and accused Charlamagne of trying to set her up with one of his friends. Charlamagne hasn’t spoken to either of the two since. Today on Wendy’s show, she revealed he called to take her out for dinner. Ironically, he asked her out the same evening she already accepted a dinner date with the dj on her show, DJ Boof. Mind you, Charlamagne’s married, but this was just catching up as friends. As for whether Boof was taking her out on a romantic date, that we’re not sure about, but Charlamagne proposed that they both take her out, so she has a double date over the weekend. And as for his take on her divorce, he tweeted after learning of the news, “Never bite the hand that feeds your side chick.”

Charlamagne finally explains this March about his beef with Wendy Williams’ husband Kevin Hunter: