Photo Credit: Splash News

Wendy Williams is on a week long hiatus from her show this week, but don’t fret, it has nothing to do with her personal life, although if it did, it would completely be understandable. This break was pre-planned but it couldn’t have come at a better time. So far over the last couple weeks, she’s announced living in a sober house for an alcohol and prescription drug addition. Then she found out her husband Kevin Hunter’s decade long mistress, Sharina Hudson had given birth to her husband’s love child. She checked herself out of her sober house, had some drinks, went in the hospital to sober up, was seen out without her ring and when a fan tried to hug her on set the other day she abruptly put an end to that. Fans were left tweeting that that’s probably why her husband was touching on someone else because that’s the exact move she put on him.

On a brighter note, Wendy stepped out with her husband for a united front last Wednesday. Sadly it wasn’t enough to keep things going. The two are now reported to be weighing their options on splitting up after 21+ years of marriage. This is complicated by the fact that Kevin is Wendy’s manager and they have multiple businesses together. She’s also said to have begged him to stay. A source says he “has wanted to separate so that they would be free to live their own lives.” And as for her asking him to stay, “It’s been a very long, sad, vicious cycle,” they said. Then the mistress is said to have grown tired of the situation and gave him an ultimatum to leave his wife so they could start a life together. Wendy is said to have been fine with it so long as he didn’t get her pregnant… which is exactly what happened.

The problem in their relationship at this point, aside from the mistress that she’s willfully been turning the blind eye to is the fact that this is now taking a toll on her health. She’s had her sober coach come to the set with her which is helping things and is said to now be 100% committed to her sobriety. We’re hoping so because it certainly doesn’t look as though she’s been handling the recent set of events that well. Her long running e-beefing buddy 50 Cent hasn’t wasted any opportunity to take advantage of this posting a meme of her supposedly upset that his show Power won an NAACP award making her want to go get some “blow.” We’d remind him to stay classy but if this is how he is in his 40s, should any of us even bother at this point?