Photo Credit: Wendy Williams/Instagram
Wendy Williams’ son Kevin Jr.other than the story she told about the time he walked in on his parents having sex or a viral pic of him walking outside with her where all the thirsties wanted to know when he grew up, but apparently today we’ve learned he can fight. He was arrested today for punching his dad in the nose. Wendy had brought him to their family home in New Jersey to pick something up. A conversation ensued about how the son needed to make his own path to success instead of depending on his mother which is ironic considering how he himself spent the last 20+ years almost solely working managing his wife, Wendy. Somehow Kevin Jr. ended up in a headlock and he punched his dad in the face.

The event happened in a store parking lot where Kevin Sr. accused his ex of brainwashing him. Police have confirmed they’re investigating the incident. Kevin Sr. said he’s not going after his son telling TMZ, “I love my son very much and I will not be pursuing this matter legally. Things are not always how they appear.” While we don’t condone violence against one’s parents, We’ve watched Wendy suffer at the hands of a disrespectful man for some time now and hearing he got punched in the nose we have to admit does kind of make us smile and we’re sure Wendy didn’t exactly scold her son for doing it, either.