Photo Credit: Oprah/Instagram

Meghan Markle and Prince Williams sat down with Oprah last night discussing their reasoning for choosing to leave the Royal family and take up residence in Los Angeles to over 17 million viewers. A series of shocking yet unsurprising claims were made against the Royal family. One such accusation included conversations of concern about her child’s skin tone. It was the first time I’ve ever personally heard Oprah completely disgusted talking about pretty much anything. They were also told their child would not be given a title or security. Your guess is about as good as mine for why that is. And the overall stress caused Markle to want to commit suicide. Then when she said something about it, the family responded by taking away her driver’s license, locking her in the house so she can’t leave for months and refused her medical treatment.

Weighing in on this was White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki who said “For anyone to come forward and speak about their own struggles with mental health and tell their own personal story — that takes courage, and that’s certainly something the President believes, and he’s talked about the importance of investing in a lot of these areas that they’re committed to in the future as well.” She also re-emphasized that America has a “strong and abiding relationship” with the United Kingdom so that she doesn’t cause any trouble with her comments.

One person who didn’t feel sympathy for Markle was Megyn Kelly who said she was playing victim and said “Give me a break.” For the record, the woman who saw nothing wrong with black face as a grown adult in her 40s, she doesn’t get to tell others, particularly minorities how to feel about racism. Piers Morgan called her a “Pinocchio Princess” and described the interview as “a disgraceful diatribe of cynical race-baiting propaganda designed to damage the Queen as her husband lies in the hospital and destroy the Monarchy.” Then when #AbolishTheMonarchy began trending, he tweeted, “Congrats Meghan and Harry — your mission is complete.” And of course there were a number of others.

I would like to point out that Meghan Markle gave a total of 2 interviews prior to this so there is no premise for her being entitled or whatever other adjectives people have thrown at her for all this time. There are also plenty of side by side comparisons of her and Kate Middleton doing the exact same thing and yet she would be described differently and attacked over it. Her choosing to leave the Royal family comes as no surprise to either Black Brits of Black Americans for that matter. That could have been seen a mile away. Then for her to say she was suicidal and her own family locked her in the house refusing help and people are still taunting her… that is disgusting. To that, I have to say good riddance. Both are better off away from that monstrous of a family.