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There might be areas that are going on lockdown around the world over the coronavirus, but that didn’t stop 50 Cent. Saturday night he was at Starlet’s Gentlemen’s club in Woodside, NY. But he had good reason. He needed to blow off some steam. Production for his Power spin-off series Power Book II: Ghost and Power Book III: Raising Kanan, was halted the day before. The decision was made by Starz since NYC has the highest number of coronavirus cases. He made the announcement to his followers on Instagram, albeit reluctantly. He basically said “F*ck it. They made me do this. I just posted this so I won’t get fined.” Well not exactly. His exact words were “🤦‍♂️i had to do it we were the last production still working.🤨fuck #TheKing🍾🥃#bransoncognac.” It’s okay. We understand, Fif.

And if he thinks that’s something, and if you think him being at the club with this crises was going on was insensitive to what’s going on, New York City is closing all restaurants across the city and relegating them to delivery and take out only. So the fact he was throwing money like there was no tomorrow last night goes to show that he was likely on to something. There won’t be a tomorrow, at least not for a lot of life in the city. Clubs, movie theaters and event venues are all being closed.

So what is that going to leave 50 to do? Well as one of the most prolific internet trolls of our day, we can almost certainly expect him to roast any and everyone. And he’s not just some out of work Hollywood figure passing time on the internet. This is a guy does music, produces multiple shows, has an alcohol line and who knows what we’ve missed. We know he has a meme team. And mind you, he does all of this while being in his 40s and in tip top shape. We’re just tired thinking about it. Bow Wow was a recent victim of his trolling when he got clowned by 50 for falling on stage and responded by saying he was never drinking 50’s liquor again. Lol. Come on, Bow Wow. We’ve been laughing at people falling on social media since Beyonce took that flying leap 13 or so years ago on tour. (Ya’ll don’t know about that), and Scarlett Takes a Tumble on Twitter back in 2009. Shuttup and take your L. Be happy you’ve been honored enough to be in 50’s Roast Hall of Fame. We’re going to be looking forward to who he gets to next while he has spare time in the coming weeks. We love you, Fif.

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🤦‍♂️i had to do it we were the last production still working.🤨fuck #TheKing🍾🥃#bransoncognac

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