Photo Credit: Amanda Bynes/Instagram

Amanda Bynes just made the announcement that she’s pregnant with her first child on Instagram in a pic of her ultrasound. The baby is with her fiance Paul Michael, who she met while in Alcoholics Anonymous. The two just met at the end of the year last year and became engaged on Valentine’s Day. It’s a shocking twist in their relationship as the two called off the engagement earlier this month but clearly are back together again now. They appeared in a selfie earlier in the month captioned with “My love.”

Given Bynes’ history in recent years and with her currently being under a conservatorship by her parents due to her mental state, we hope that she takes her time and makes sure that this relationship is healthy for her. It’s been a few years since she was caught throwing a bong out of her 30 something floor apartment window and when she lit a fire in a stranger’s yard in Cali, but relapsing is always possible. She did that about this time last year as well. On the other hand, she she just graduated college last year which is a good thing. So she appears to be trying to get her life back on track. If she and Michael are happy together, we’re happy for her.

Photo Credit: Paul Mitchell/Instagram