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Rapper Boosie is no stranger to sharing weird parenting tactics and apparently went to the same child raising school T.I. did. With that being said, when he went on social media to share how he was making his children walk around outside for 5 hours in the hot sun for throwing water in his house, it wasn’t a surprise. It might be a surprise for someone else, but not Boosie. After all, this is the same man who said he paid someone to sleep with his 14 year old son for him to lose his virginity.

The sin that caused this 5 hour gulag apparently was that they were throwing water in the house. “I wanna let everybody know, all my family, my cousins, y’all can come stay at my house, bruh,” Boosie began in the clip. “Ain’t gon’ be no more water throwed on you by my kids. I know they been out of control, but I’m blues’ing them today. You see ’em? They walking the fence line. You see ’em?”

He continues by then presenting the unique punishment. “They walking the fence line. Five hours straight in the hot sun. Yes, sir. They cleaning up the house all day. They gon’ learn this lesson. Ain’t gon’ be no more water thrown in my estate. They soaking everybody up every night. I want Big Freaky, everybody, y’all can come back. It’s going down. Yeah, they gon’ be out here… They got four more hours to walk the gates. Yes, sir. We gon’ get some act right,” he added.

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The video was captioned with “Discipline‼️THEY CUTTIN UP BAD THIS SUMMER” One caption read, “I remember these types of punishments 😂 it’s called “Character Building” they ain’t Gon Neva forget this day 🤣” Another wrote, “😂😂😂 they doing a bid! CO I don’t want no more rec!” Then there was “This that Louisiana slave punishment 😂 walking in the sun for 5 hours 😂😂”

That last comment was interesting because as someone who’s been in prison, there are southern prisons that are on former plantaions and with the free or $1 an hour labor they provide, it essentially is a new form of slavery. That’s probably where he got this punishment idea from. We’re not exactly sure if using slave tactics as punishment’s that great of idea, then again, we don’t have kids so, hey. But 5 hours, Boosie… really? Even his mother didn’t like it.

“Mama then got on my ass bout disciplining MY KIDS SMH #Icantwin,” he wrote.

We get it Boosie but try to lighten up a bit. Maybe try with revoking television privileges? Cutting off the wifi, maybe? Blocking cell phone reception? lol Sheesh.