Photo Credit: Chico DeBarge/Instagram; claudio Gabriel – clauscrist/Instagram

Chico DeBarge apparently brought his year in with a bang. Police pulled him over earlier in the month for driving without his headlights on or having tags. What could have been a rather routine stop turned into a drama fest for the R&B singer. For one, meth was found in the car along with heroin… he didn’t have his id so he said he was his brother James DeBarge and at that point, he was just taken in. No word yet on what happened with the women in the car with him.

After being booked he decided to tell police it was him and not his brother. That was probably a good idea because who knows how that would have gone otherwise. And 10 days later he made bail Friday, Jan. 22nd. What is unfortunate about this is that the last time we covered him in 2919, he had just broken into his car in a Wal-Mart parking lot where police pulled up to see what was going on and then found meth in his car. Like, sir, if you’re going to have something illegal on you, you’re not supposed to draw attention to yourself like that. We were hoping that he would be on track to get his life together but here we are again. He’s turning 55 this year and released his first album the year I was born. There’s no doubt he’s talented and seeing his life play out this way is unfortunate to say the least.