Photo Credit: Bam0822

The creator of HBO’s Insecure, Issa Rae had quite the shock when she was informed that President Trump had liked a tweet about the ending of Insecure. Her response to seeing it was “what the f*ck is this”. That’s not exactly the usual response to finding out the President of the United States is a fan of yours but he isn’t exactly the most liked in the community, so…

Rae’s friends started weighing in on this new revelation sort of rubbing it in. Her co-star in The Lovebirds, Kumail Nanjiania tweeted, “Well I found one thing I have in common with him: we’re both big fans of @IssaRae.” She responded shushing him, telling him not to say that. And when Insecure co-star Natasha Rothwell saw it, she tweeted telling the president he was trash.

To put this in perspective, Rae made it clear that she was not a fan of Trump when he first took office. Prior to his inauguration at the Golden Globes in 2017 she said that his Twitter account was scary and that each tweet just gets worse. Who would have thought she would end up right in the midst of the very thing that frightened her?

As for the reasoning behind the tweet, who knows? Could this be a pandering move or does he genuinely like Insecure? As for pandering, worse things have happened. Nancy Pelosi and company all took a knee wearing kente cloth to honor George Floyd yesterday which is fine… It’s just the kente cloth was just a touch overboard. So worse things have clearly happened. And what makes it that much more of a big deal is the fact it’s the only tweet he’s liked. Weird. Perhaps this is his way or trying to confirm and solidify predictions of him having 40% of the black vote – or sometimes a like is just that, a like.