Photo Credit: Diplo/Instagram; Quen Blackwell/Instagram

Diplo’s found himself in a bit of an awkward situation. Young TikTok star Quen Blackwell shared a number of videos detailing her living situation and said she lives with Diplo. Now he’s 41 years old and she’s 19. What he decides to do and where he shoves his cucumber is his business. And it would have remained his business had Quen not decided to tell people she lives with him. The only reason this is a cause to concern for some is the fact that he has a history of predatory behavior including sleeping with rapper Azealia Banks when she was 17. She did a radio interview saying she’s grateful for him launching her career, but said she had to give him some teen p*ssy to get it done.

Now Diplo went on Twitter saying he was just her landlord and stated that he didn’t see sex or age as a disqualifier. He did add that he used the studio in her building. And that’s okay, although rather convenient in the whole easy access scope of things. Then there’s the fact that Quen said he’s never home. To add some context, he deleted a tweet some time ago about applying to be in R Kelly’s sex cult after backlash over it. Listen, it is what it is but what we will tell Diplo is that the first rule of thumb if you’re going to be dragging someone around you’re trying to keep a secret is to lay out the ground rules. But that’s also the problem with dating a teenager. Teens are dumb so why wouldn’t she go online and say she lives with you without thinking to differentiate being in your bed or across the street? That’s the price to pay for digging in a 19 year old.

If you go on Diplo’s Instagram now, you’ll see in his Stories him touring MLK’s place of death. If that is his way of trying to get some public sympathy for backlash over messing with a 19 year old and possibly “grooming” her, he should just come out and say he likes them young. Seriously, no one will care. But thinking you’ll get favor with some MLK posts ain’t it, Chief.