Photo Credit: Dess Dior/Instagram

Lori Harvey in recent months got rapper Future to open up the way no one else had before even sporting a ring on her finger. But that’s all a thing of the past and the two broke up just a few weeks short of making things Instagram official this past January. She’s now moved on to Michael B. Jordan definitely raising the stakes on who’s getting with her in the future, (no pun intended).

And just how is Future holding up seeing Harvey with a new man? Well he’s now seen on the arm of his new boo, up and coming artist Dess Dior directing a middle finger at the camera, presumably at Harvey. And not only have Harvey and Jordan gotten close, they got off a plane together over the holiday in Atlanta with matching outfits. We’re pretty sure Future didn’t like that either. They weren’t seen together since touching down, so it’s pretty safe to say they probably didn’t go to her family’s home. We’re sure it would be common knowledge if they did.

Video Credit: Dess Dior/Instagram

So what is the good in all of this? For Harvey’s sake, at least she didn’t get pregnant to become what, Future’s 9th baby mother? No, we’re not going to bother to fact check that number. I’m 100% certain it is close by 1 or 2 women. And she’s 22. She’s having fun dating whoever she wants. And I’m going to reserve judgment because, how many men have you been out dating in public at 22?

This whole situation sounds quite familiar to JLo’s early days with all the men she dated, except she was actually in her 30s. One would expect you to have calmed down by then but, go figure. That’s why she’s selling albums naked today. Harvey’s likely not dating anymore than anyone else but she’s in front of the camera which makes the difference.

Now a conspiracy theorist would say that it’s possible she’s being paid to date people to help boost their careers. Think about it. Future’s hot, but not quite hot as what he once was. Could he date whoever? By the 10 baby mothers he has, probably. Are those women the current hot young star known as Lori Harvey? No. After all, he was on Twitter calling baby mother # ?? Eliza Reign ugly… which for the record, she is not at all. Would it be a far stretch for his management to say if he wants to keep making money to pay all this child support that he needs to pretend to be in a relationship with someone? Absolutely not. Money talks and child support talks quite loudly as well.

Anyway Lori, in the words of LisaRaye McCoy, “make that money, don’t let it make you.” But before it’s all over, don’t let these men use you and you not have a career or anything to show for it down the line. We haven’t seen Harvey do much since she’s been on this serial dating spree. So she needs to make sure she’s still working in the process of all this.