Photo Credit: Future/Instagram

When he’s not making music, Future can’t seem to catch a break in the blogs as t pertains to his personal life. But the trap rapper showed his softer side by announcing today that he would be donating coronavirus masks to hospitals that were experiencing shortages. You may have heard in the media that there were nurses wearing trash bags because of a lack of gowns, volunteers sewing masks to help with shortages and manufacturing companies stopping what they’re doing voluntarily to make ventilators for hospitals. So taking a little time out of his own schedule, his nonprofit, The FreeWishes Foundation teamed up with Atlanta Sewing Style to help with the dilemma.

A statement released from his team said, “As most people adapt to the new normal of staying quarantined to protect themselves from the coronavirus, healthcare professionals do not have this privilege.” They continued, “In addition, they do not even have enough supplies to protect themselves from contracting coronavirus.”

The campaign helping the healthcare industry is called the Mask On campaign, a clever play on his 2017 hit Mask Off. Good one, Future. And it’s all a refreshing distraction from his alleged baby mother, Eliza Reign making the news asking him for a whopping $53,000 a month in child support. Yes, you read that right. And she has the nerve to accuse him of draining her pockets by dragging out the case. At the same time he just saw the end of a paternity case by another woman. At least it’s good he’s able to take some time and focus on others while he’s dealing with these things.