Photo Credit: Freebandz/Instagram; Eliza Reign/Instagram

Oh, Future. I actually hate doing this to him when it comes to his child support, women, etc. but dude… you’ve got to stop giving us material. His baby mother, Eliza Reign, who I believe is one of two he had pregnant at the same time making this about his 10th child now, (I gave up counting), just hit him below the belt on Twitter. It started when someone tweeted asking for his number out in the open because she wanted to have a baby as well. In came Eliza, whose real name is Eliza Seraphin tweeting, “1-800-DEADBEAT.”

But of course that wasn’t where the fun stopped because, well why TF not keep digging while going at a man’s heart? She posted a meme of Kevin Hart staring captioned with, “THE FACE I MAKE WHEN DEADBEAT DADS CELEBRATE FATHERS DAY.” Welp, it’s pretty clear where she and him stand. And if you’ve been paying attention, she first called him a deadbeat when battling him over child support last August. Here it is almost 12 months later and not only are they still going at it, people forget that but after hitting him up for child support last month he went on an extended Twitter rant talking about how you shouldn’t treat ugly girls like they’re pretty. And that was beyond trifling considering by no means is she an unattractive woman.

Then there is what happened this week between these two that puts this further into perspective. She turned down $1,000 a month he offered her in child support. That’s a far cry from the $50,000+ she recently asked for. We’re going to just say a prayer for Eliza. But one does have to ask, what is it about a man you can go have a baby with who already has at least 7? Was it that good? The people want to know.