Photo Credit: Kandi Burruss/Instagram

Kandi Burruss probably had one of the most explosive moments on the Real Housewives of Atlanta Season 12 reunion in the first 2 installments of it. And that says a lot given how this season Kenya Moore experiencing a very nasty public breakup with her husband and allegations of Porsha Williams‘ husband being into bestiality were circulating. Her big moment involved a blow up with Nene Leakes who in her attempt to read her called her “Ms. Unforgettable.” She actually meant to say “Ms.Forgettable.” But it actually worked out in Kandi’s favor as she just won season 3 of The Masked Singer the same week that this read was made.

Winning The Masked Singer, Kandi said helped renew her confidence in herself as well as gave her career a significant boost. She told Yahoo Entertainment, “Well, I think you can even Google it, where people have said, “Oh, Kandi can’t sing” or “I hate her voice.” Because I have a heavy vibrato, people have said all kinds of mean things about my singing voice. And it just made me really not confident in my voice anymore. So I was feeling like, “OK, well, maybe it’s not that good. And maybe my sound is just not hot for pop today.” I don’t know what people were judging me by, because it’s not like I’ve been really putting out any music lately. I don’t know if it just because they were mad at me on the Housewives and stuff like that. But those criticisms started to really get in my mind.” This is actually very unfortunate considering the fan base Kandi has an the fact she’s arguably the most successful and talented on the cast of the Real Housewives of Atlanta.

On top of winning The Masked Singer, Kandi was the first woman to hold the title. She also released a new single this week, Used to Love Me. Her daughter Blaze Tucker just turned 6 months old and her 4 year old son Ace Tucker just won his science fair. It’s good to see Kandi and her family winning still. And in response to Nene Leakes saying Kandi was Number 2 and never been Number 1 at anything, she’s said that “Number 2 never looked so good” and her winning The Masked Singer sure sounds like Number 1 to us.