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The Grand Dame of Potomac and matriarch star of the Real Housewives of Potomac, Karen Huger gave the #MazelOfTheDay on Bravo’s Watch What Happens Live last night. The mazel, which is an homage or hat tip to the best of the day is usually reserved for something positive or humerus that happened. Karen on the other hand had a different approach to her Mazel of the Day.

She said that because she is an eternal optimist, she sees this pandemic as an opportunity to become a better race. And by race, I’m sure she means human race. She said “we’re not sitting around waiting on a stimulus check, we’re taking care of ourselves, taking care of each other, checking make sure our senior citizens have what they need, etc.” And of course she name dropped her fragrance LaDame as a key to keeping one’s relationship in tact.

We’ve got to give it to Karen, she knows how to bring people together. After all, she’s the nucleus of the Potomac Housewives, that is when they’re not one by one gunning for her throat. While her sentiment about optimism in such trying times are commendable, her saying she’s not waiting for a stimulus check goes without saying. After all, she’s married to the Black Bill Gates for crying out loud. And speaking of which, this season shows him revealing his waning love for his wife. Now given the fact that her Mazel including her tip on keeping one’s marriage alive happened after filming, it would seem that the two of them have put whatever differences they had aside.

What will be interesting is seeing how Karen will be dealing with the show’s newcomer Dr Wendy Osefo. The 35 year old Nigerian serves as assistant professor in the Doctor of Education program at Johns Hopkins School of Education. She’s also given her political opinion on all of the cable news networks which is where I know her from. When I heard her name mentioned, I immediately said they’ve stepped up the caliber of castmembers with this hire as she’s definitely a bright woman. I’ve heard her speak more than enough times to know that. I believe it was castmate Candace Dillard who said she will “read a book and read you down.” With that being said, will she be a source of intimidation for Karen and the rest of the cast and are we going to see some castmember hazing? It looks like we’ll all have to tune in to see but Karen’s going to have some competition in the who’s capable of running things department.

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