Photo Credit: Kevin Gates/Twitter

While everyone seems to be making OnlyFans accounts left and right from a number of Love & Hip Hop stars to Blac Chyna, it’s nothing to see celebrity nudes and sextapes these days. I mean, even Beyonce gave a nod to the site saying she thought about joining it in the Savage remix with Megan Thee Stallion. The problem comes when it’s a sex tape with someone other than your wife. It’s also a problem when it’s a surprise and during quarantine at that. That’s what happened to rapper Kevin Gates.

This couldn’t get any worse of a weekend for Kevin Gates because not only did he appear in a sex tape with someone other than his wife, she’s his manager. It’s not like they’re on the outs or anything, either so it’s no way they’re not quarantining together right now. And worst of all the internet is clowning his performance in the tape. He hasn’t denied its him which would be the first thing a married man would do. He did tweet the day it happened, “#StayFocused.” Well let’s hope he does that. But for now, thank you for giving us the peak.