Photo Credit: Logan Paul/Instagram

Logan Paul is set to have a fight with Floyd Mayweather that the two did a press conference for Thursday that predictably turned into quite the spectactle. Logan Paul’s brother Jake snatched Mayweather’s hat, leading to Paul getting beat up by both Mayweather and his Security. When Jake Paul got called a fake boxer, he said the only thing fake was Mayweather’s hairline. For those who missed it, Mayweather started the new year with a new hair upgrade. Rapper 50 Cent said he did it because he’s a granddad now *snickers.*

Mayweather wasn’t playing about that hat getting snatched off of his. You’d think he looked like Tory Lanez underneath. He told Jake “I’ll kill you, motherf*cker.” Yes, he was called a Samuel L. Jackson MF’er. And to make matters worse, Mayweather said he would beat up Logan Paul AND his brother Jake.

Boxing fans feel the whole ordeal was staged for publicity and Mayweather knows how to get tongues wagging in the media. Logan, however said it 100% was real. He told TMZ Sports, “I f**king wish that wasn’t real. I wish it was staged,” Logan added … “That s**t is not funny. It’s not fun for anyone.” He went on to say, “That s**t just got personal by default. It was supposed to be like a cute little press conference …come together, get people excited for the fight. Not people talking about killing people! What the f**k!?”

Logan described the June event as being “the craziest f**king evening to ever take place in the history of combat sports.” And as for any messages he may have for Mayweather, he said, ” we’re gonna get you that hat back, Floyd.”

Professional sports trashtalker Michael Rapaport has a message for Mayweather saying, “Beat him back to YouTube!!!” He said, “For every coulda, shoulda, woulda-been-a contender, for every golden gloves champion, every golden gloves loser, for your uncle, for your father, for every rope you skipped and heavy bag you punched — kick this guy’s ass!”

“It is such a disrespect to the sport of boxing,” Rapaport says … “For every blow that Muhammad Ali and Joe Frazier took and gave each other — he has to kick his ass.”

Well alrighty then. Let’s see if Mayweather kicks this kid’s a**. We’re almost certain he is but we’ll be tuned in anyway.