Photo Credit: Marc Lamont Hill/Instagram

Marc Lamont Hill spoke to TMZ Live about his new show on the Black News Channel and how he was seeking to address the hole in the market on how black issues are discussed within the media. He said the mainstream media, CNN, MSNBC, FNC, ETC, either misses the stories that are important to the black community, or when they cover them, they’re done so in the wrong manner. That is where his nightly news show Black News Tonight will be coming in. He says this show isn’t meant to segregate or separate the black community and used Toni Morrison as an example, who said “I stand on the margin and let them come to me.” The added perspective on the news will be able to improve the journalism on other networks. That we agree with.

Hill is someone who has worked for Fox as a contributor and had numerous appearances on CNN and MSNBC as well as been a regular on CourtTV, etc. which makes him more than qualified to discuss how the mainstream media works. Just today I noticed a Congressional candidate in Florida named Willie Montague tweeting about people (he was speaking about black people) needing to stop complaining about a lack of opportunity when there’s none. Now clearly this is a statement a white donor gave him to say, but this is representative of what Hill was speaking about. What Montague was saying implies that blacks are the ones complaining about trivial things while the white community are the ones with the real issues. In other words, there is a clear and distinct difference for people on his side of the news talk to black and white people which is problematic for more reasons than we have time to state here.

In other words, Black News Tonight will seek to have more balanced voices around black issues. The show will be airing April 12th at 9pm Monday – Friday.