Photo Credit: TMZ Live

Korean American comedian Margaret Cho chatted with TMZ Live about how she was coping during this time of rising anti-Asian crime. She shared she’s been afraid to leave her home because “outside it’s cloudy with a chance of racism.” She said as an older Asian woman she feels like a prime target for the attacks that have been going on. She spoke about the 75 year old woman in San Francisco who fought off her attacker with a board.

And even though Cho says she’s not going out in light of what’s going on, imagine all of the people who don’t have that option. Growing up I remember interviewing people asking what life during war was like, but it’s the same as these racist attacks, life goes on. People still get up and go to work everyday and given the fact we’re still operating within a pandemic, people are working more and thus making themselves exposed to attacks more often with a much more desperate public sizing people up for possible attacks.

Meanwhile Margaret Cho is in her 50s and after hearing her speak out, we pray that she remains safe. No one deserves any of what has been going on.