Photo Credit: Odell Beckham, Jr/Instagram

Odell Beckham, Jr. always manages to get himself in the news for one reason or another but this one’s a bit of a doozy. He allowed himself to be photographed at a party in the Hollywood Hills with mostly black gay or bisexual men there. Blogs have been on fire with this and we were alerted when Khia tweeted in all caps asking if he was gay. Now it isn’t clear what he was doing there and aside from a very questionable pose in the hot tub, he did take a pic with a gay man, celebrity stylist EJ King.

There are those who say this increased comfortableness of him with gays is a sign he’s close to coming out but we would differ. If you look at some of the negative statements that have been made about him just from other football players, why would he do such a thing? Panthers player Josh Norman said about him in 2015, “F*ck him. He’s a b*tch. You going to get out here, and you’re going to dance around and prance around like you’re a ballerina, that goes to show you.” Cortland Finnegan followed up saying, “He may have something in his blood,” he explained. “Maybe it’s female-related.” Well all that is a polite way of outing him without all the way doing it.

So why then would he come out if he were gay. You might remember he slapped a police officer’s a** in an LSU lockerroom this year and received an arrest warrant for it. Last year he said he wasn’t concerned about people thinking he’s gay. Maybe this could be a teaching moment for people to mind their business because he’s clearly not going to tell anyone. It seems like we all have our answer and that’s just going to be that.