Photo Credit: Paris Hilton/Instagram

As Kanye West is discussing running for President and his wife has become the face of criminal justice reform, it’s important to understand where she came from. And that question can only be answered by understanding her former bestie Paris Hilton. Hilton is going to be starring in a Youtube documentary This Is Paris where she talks about her childhood trauma.

The official description of the documentary says, “This Is Paris uncovers the hidden past of the international icon. As Paris confronts the heartbreaking trauma that forged who she is today, this deeply compelling portrait tells the real story of a teenage girl desperate to escape into a fantasy and sheds new light on the insta-fame culture that Paris helped to create.” Her sister Nicky Rothschild Hilton and mother Kathy Hilton are also appearing in the documentary which is amazing because when has anyone last heard either talk about Paris’ life?

In an interview with The Talk from this past March, she talked about how she literally didn’t know who she was until this last year. “I became so close with the director, and she really asked me so many questions,” she said. “I started thinking about my past and what I’ve been through and realized just how much it’s affected my life and how I was holding on to so much trauma for so long.”

“I think when people see this film, they’re really going to see a different side to me than they’ve ever seen before,” she continued. “Because I honestly didn’t even know who I was up until this year. I really learned a lot about myself through this film.”

One of the biggest takeaways from not only this documentary but for those who remember her at the top of her fame, she says she was acting and putting on a persona for cameras. Paris was a crafted image down to that airheaded voice that used to annoy people like Kathy Griffin who was great at imitating her. Maybe some 10+ years after all the girls in Hollywood were breaking their necks to imitate her, seeing how this was all a form of escapism for her and she truly wasn’t happy will make them feel better about their own lives.

If you’re ready for more Paris Hilton in your lives, her documentary This is Paris will be airing on her Youtube channel September 14th.