Photo Credit: Paris Jackson/Instagram

While quarantining, some people make TikToks, some people do singing competitions and others make dark criminal confessions like Boosie. But one of the last things you’d expect to hear of anyone doing is tattooing themselves, that is unless they’re a Jackson of course. Michael Jackson’s daughter Paris Jackson posted a pic of herself on Instagram taking a tattoo gun to her foot. And just why is she doing this? Well there’s currently a trend of stick and poke tattoos which if you’ve never heard of before, involves sticking yourself with a needle and ink which creates a series of dots. And of course, being a Jackson, Paris just had to come on social media to show the rest of us up.

In other Paris Jackson news she’s currently playing Jesus Christ in the new film Habit. Yes, you heard that correctly. She, a woman, is playing a gender bending Jesus Christ. And this is much to the objection to some in the Christian community which is no surprise there. The Christian community One Million Moms has called the film blasphemous, repulsive, said that it is “denigrating Jesus” and vowed to “make sure this film is not released… not now, not ever.” The film, currently in its post production phase should be out some time soon. This is a big deal for Paris considering how just early last year she was in rehab. And for those who find this self-tattooing that she’s doing strange, it’s a pretty good way to pass the time considering what she could be doing considering she’s been suicidal in the past.

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