Photo Credit: B.J. Penn/Instagram

B.J. Penn is known as one of the best ones to do it when it comes to martial arts. And that can even be proven in real life. The man’s been in a number of street fights recently to include being filmed pinning a man in the street outside of a bar a little while back. The only thing he wishes he had a better batting average with would be his arrest record. Footage came out of him clearly being drunk getting arrested where he walked straight into a police car door while getting taken in for a DUI over the weekend.

Photo Credit: Hawaii Island Police

And this drunk driving took place during business hours. It was 4:51 pm and he was being loud with someone in the parking lot of a business he was leaving while driving wrecklessly. And where he messed up was the fact that he was visibly drunk, he left, which means he got away and came BACK to get arrested. One of the first rules of committing a crime is getting away. But then again, drinking and driving is bad so he did the right thing staying off of the road.