Photo Credit: Kanye West/Instagram

Just as he’s in the midst of divorce rumors after months of living apart from his wife Kim Kardashian and an erratic presidential campaign where he compared his mother-in-law to a North Korean dictator, Kanye West now has footage of him acting out at one of his low points. The video is a conversation, if you can use that term, between him and his friend and fellow industry Chicagoan friend Chance the Rapper with him at the top of his lungs telling Chance to “sit your ass down and listen to the album or leave.”

Now it isn’t supposed to be funny but of all the Kanye rants, that’s the first time I’ve personally heard him yell like that before. And knowing that he’s better than he was back then, crying on camera about how he’s been trying to get a divorce from his wife for years and on Twitter hinting she slept with rapper Meek Mill in a hotel room discussing “criminal justice reform,” I can laugh now. Sidebar, I still believe Meek hit. When all this broke, he waited too long to say something. If you’ve been accused of sleeping with a man’s wife online and you didn’t do it, you’d be the first to dispute it. He probably waited because he didn’t know how much Kanye knew. (I can peep game).

As for why Chance was there, Damon Dash explains to the camera, “My thing is just get rid of the people who are triggering him, just get ’em out of here and let’s just have fun being creative,” he says of Lil Chano being in the room.”So Kanye is finishing his album and there’s people around. Chance, honestly, because of what he was reading, he came through just to check Kanye. You know, Kanye deals with his issues at all times. They got into it, but they worked it out.”