Photo Credit: Wendy Williams/Instagram

Wendy Williams is currently being dragged up, down and across the internet by fans of Nicki Minaj for shading her on her show today referring to her as a “soon to be washed up rapper.” Now to be fair, she didn’t say Nicki by name but it was clear who she was talking about. They’ve been in a back and forth lately over words Wendy said about her new husband Kenneth Petty calling him a murderer and sex offender. The thing is, there’s not much available about him and I watched Wendy the first time she spoke about him. She called him a murderer, to be corrected by a producer of hers that he committed manslaughter. He explained the difference and she said they were the same thing. “He’s a murderer.” And to most people, they’re the same. And legally, he is a sex offender. That’s just what Nicki’s going to have to deal with so long as they’re together until he adds another footnote to his bio and career.

For full context of Wendy’s words today, she said “There’s this soon to be washed up rapper who can’t keep my name out of its mouth. I love it, I sit here like ‘okay keeping talking.'” Some fans of the Megatron rapper hinted that maybe she was talking about 50 Cent but I highly doubt that. She buried the hatchet on that beef when she appeared on Andy Cohen’s show when she said she got suspended without pay for being one of if not the first to play his music when he first came out back when she did radio. As petty as 50 is, even he had to give her credit for that and they haven’t exchanged an insult since. And for those who forgot what Nicki last said about Wendy that caused Wendy’s clapback, she said about the daytime host on her radio show, “B*tch, where was you at when Kevin had his dick knee-deep in that bitch pussy? I pray for you because I know you’re hurting and I know you must be sick and humiliated.” That was also in response to Wendy talking about her brother in jail for sex offending stating that Nicki already had some experience with that type. Well, facts are facts and to quote Wendy, she’s always saying that she has a job to do and that people should understand. But this is Nicki Minaj we’re talking about and she’s been complaining and roasting people sounding bitter for the last year and a half. So it’s no surprise she’d be going off at Wendy. And with her announcing her retirement, it seems like she’s fulfilling Wendy’s words about her being a soon to be washed up rapper. just saying.