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Young Thug is interesting to say the least, especially for a rapper. He’s the first we can think of to wear a dress, he’s worn a number of women’s blouses, he’s had leopard painted fingernails, referred to other men as my love, babe, his lover, etc. And at the same time, for those questioning his sexuality, he’s still accused of shooting up Lil Wayne’s tour bus. (That case still isn’t settled) and he has a ton of kids. But yesterday he had a moment that was beyond pauseworthy. He posted a picture on Instagram captioned with “F*ck me daddy.”

All I can say to that is that that’s a photo caption considered to be too vulgar for gay dating sites so how a mainstream rapper with children did that is beyond us. August Alsina posted a pic of himself being hung from a rope and I don’t think it was as bad as this. Fans immediately commented saying they just couldn’t defend him anymore. One said he should have put “She said:” in front of the caption. At best he’s just keeping controversy going and at worst, his DM’s are going to be open to gays from across the world interested in a dress wearing thug. But then that might actually be the strategy. Who knows?

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Fuck me daddy ….

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And in case he deletes it, we have a screenshot below: